3 Replies to “Mia’s Interview on the Casting Couch”

  1. Could they not at least find a guy that wasn’t hairy, greasy and overweight. I mean you’re paying him to have sex with attractive porn stars, I’m fairly sure any guy who isn’t swinging for the home team will do this job, so why pay this sack of crap to do it

  2. The porn biz is fucked up…One of the SEXIEST women to ever enter this industry has to give it up to a nasty piece of shit like this…This guy would NEVER have a shot at her under normal circumstances..They should pay male porn stars to do the casting…

  3. Im not gay. Johnny Lapdance digs chicks like Mia Malkova, but she should be getting plowed by some fit and decent looking stud. Not this Ewok looking motherfucker.

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